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Look forward to field trips and fundraisers instead of dreading them

  • Let us do all reminding for you, so that nobody forgets a thing
  • Attach permission slips and other files directly to the event
  • Ask for volunteers, RSVPs, payments and anything else
SimplyCircle Features

Say goodbye to endless "reply-all" email threads

  • Parents can pay, RSVP, or sign up to volunteer with one click
  • Group comments are summarized in a once-a-day email
  • Private 1:1 messaging avoids unwanted group emails
SimplyCircle Features

Want to Increase Family Engagement At Your Entire School?

  • We offer affordable school-wide licenses for your entire school
  • Unlimited use for every classroom, grade, PTA committee, etc.
  • Parents love seeing everything about their kids in one place

See How SimplyCircle Can Help You

PTA Leaders

Why Teachers, PTA Leaders and School Administrators Choose SimplyCircle

Ronak Shaw

"SimplyCircle is essential to giving all of my students' families access to information and opportunities that are critical to student success."

Ronak Shah
Teacher, Tindley Preparatory

Leah Mitchell

"SimplyCircle is a quick, convenient way to communicate with all my students' parents. I can send quick reminders, weekly newsletters, and pictures, plus I'm saving trees and time!"

Leah Mitchell
Teacher, Narragansett Elementary School

Reghan Laki

"SimplyCircle consolidates everything into one place - which I love! It's a great way to communicate with our members."

Reghan Laki
Falls-Lennox/ECC PTA

Jill Shaul

"SimplyCircle has everything my PTA needs to engage with members. The clean, simple design combined with the ability to push-and-pull information is exactly what we were looking for."

Jill Shaul
Georgetown PTA

Jenay Enna

"SimplyCircle helps improve parent engagement by keeping our school community well-informed, and by keeping parents engaged and connected with other families."

Jenay Enna
Principal, Sakamoto Elementary

Adela Alvarado

"Our parents love SimplyCircle and reading the daily announcements and photos of the children’s activities. Our teachers find it simple to communicate with parents."

Adela Alvarado
Director, Children's Learning Cottage

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