If you want to encourage creativity in your students, and have access to iPads or computers in your classroom, check out these 8 great drawing apps. Some of them are web-based, others are apps, some are free, others are paid – I indicate the prices and formats below. Save a few trees and the hassle of clean-up by trying some of these apps:

Whiteboard_Lite_AppWhiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing (App; free) With a simple WiFi connection, two students can collaborate together on one drawing. There are easy-to-use drawing tools for all ages that allow you to change pen width and color. With this app, you can turn art time into a fun partner project.

educreations_appEducreations.com (Website and app; free) Educreations was mentioned in our previous blog post about storytelling. This website and app can be used for multiple purposes – one being drawing. This app turns your iPads into “recordable whiteboards” where you can draw, record, write, and share.


colAR Mix (App; free) This app turns black and white photos into 3D masterpieces. Students have the ability to color in the black and white templates, take a picture of it with the app, and watch their drawing evolve from 2D to 3D right before their eyes. Teachers and parents rave about the ability of this free app.

MoMa_Art_Lab_appMoMa Art Lab (App; free) There are nine activities for students to choose from such as: create a mobile, experiment with paint, draw from instructions, create a sound composition, create a chance collage, draw with scissors, etc. The tools are easy to use and create timeless art pieces.

Drawing_Pad_AppDrawing Pad (App; $1.99) This is Lori Elliott’s favorite drawing app. This app is a mobile art studio for kids of all ages. Each user gets their own toolbox with every artistic tool you can imagine. With this app you can create artwork or even illustrate a book. Al of the artwork created can be emailed or printed.


Kid Art for iPad (App; $1.99) Kid Art combines a student’s own drawing with premade backgrounds and stamps. Let your classroom run wild (hopefully not literally) and allow your students to test their creativity.

iLuv_Drawing_Animals_appiLuv Drawing Animals (App; $2.99) Children can learn to draw a variety of animals by tracing over simple shapes. Once the outline is made, they can pick colors from a large, vibrant palette. Once their drawing is complete, you can save, print, or share with other classmates.

Pixie_appPixie (Website and app; $9.99) This is the most expensive apps on the list, but is very useful for teachers. Students can draw and create podcasts – all of which can easily go into Evernote which is very useful for teachers. Pixie can be used on both a regular computer or an iPad.

All of these recommendations come from the presenters at the SDE conference, including:

  • Matt Gomez, from Dallas, Texas (@mattBgomez)
  • Cathy Mere, from Hilliard, Ohio (@CathyMere)
  • Lori Elliott, from Missouri (@drlorielliott)
  • Laureen Reynolds, from Boston, Massachusetts (@LaureenReynolds

We hope you find these websites and apps useful for your classroom!