Communicating with PTA members takes time and effort. Is it really worth doing? In a word, ABSOLUTELY! Here are the top 7 benefits of communicating regularly with your members:

1. Your members become more knowledgeable about your PTA. They come to learn and understand what your organization is all about.

2. Your members feel more connected to your PTA. When someone knows what is going on, they feel included and like they “belong”.

3. You will be more effective at fundraising. When everyone knows about your fundraiser, everyone can not only participate, but can also serve as a channel to let others know about it as well.

4. You will increase the number of volunteers in your organization. By including everyone in your communications, you open the door to opportunities that some would never have known about.

5. You reduce the “gossip” factor. When your members hear directly from the leadership of your PTA, they come to learn the facts of an issue and will stop relying on the “gossip” chain for their information.

6. You open the door for more creative ideas for your PTA. Oftentimes when you present an issue to your members, you get useful feedback on how to resolve the issue. Without letting your members express their opinions, you would never have received such imaginative input.

7. You set your PTA on a course for continued longevity. Because the culture in your organization has now become one of understanding, support, and involvement, you are putting your group on a path for a long life because others will want to see the organization grow and flourish. Many more members will step up to take on future leadership roles in your PTA as a result.