benefits regular communication parents

The relationship between parent and teacher is extremely influential on a child’s future success and growth both in and outside of the classroom. Building this bond can be a bit tough, since both you and your students’ parents just don’t have the time to meet as much as everyone would like. However, committing to that extra effort of establishing consistent communication with parents would definitely not be in vain – in fact, it’ll help you gain some pretty significant benefits.

1. Parents become your partners in educating their children.  When parents know what you are working on in your classroom, and how their child is doing, they can better partner with you on supporting their progress.

2. Parents feel more connected to you and to the school as a whole.  When someone knows what is going on, they feel included and like they “belong”.

3. Parents are more likely to volunteer at the school.  When parents know about volunteer opportunities in the classroom or at the school, they are more likely to raise their hand to participate.

4. Parents contribute creative ideas and feedback.  When you open the door to two-way communication, you often get useful feedback and creative ideas.  Without letting parents express their opinions, you would never have received such imaginative input.

5. Students get better grades. There’s ample academic research that when parents are informed and involved in the classroom or at the school, students do better academically. Grades and graduation rates go up, truancy and misbehavior go down. Students also have higher self-confidence, and feel more supported in their learning.

The benefits of regular teacher-parent communication are clear. But how do you do it on top of everything else you need to do as a teacher?

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