Mother’s Day is almost here! Your kindergarteners are sure to enjoy these great books featuring their favorite characters – and their Moms.

The books that we recommend are a well of loving, caring, and kind thoughts directed from mothers to their children and from children to their beloved mothers. They are also abundant with resourceful ideas on how to treat your mom on Mother’s Day. From a day at the spa arranged in their own kitchen to breakfast in bed to helping with chores.

Kids will be able to relate with their favorite characters from the books and find a wonderful source of inspiration for their own little surprises for their moms.


The Night Before Mother’s Day by Natasha Wing (Author), Amy Wummer (Illustrator)

It’s the night before Mother’s Day, and Dad and the kids are determined to show Mom just how much they love her. They whip up a cake from scratch, and offer a special coupon for a day at the spa, right in their own kitchen! Kids and moms will love reading this sweet story aloud together for a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day.


Little Mommy by Sharon Kane (Author, Illustrator)

The “Little Mommy” in this story is an adorable little girl. We spend the day in her charming company as she cares for her dolls, treats their ills, gives them a tea party, feeds them dinner, and puts them to bed. Beautifully illustrated, this book has a timeless feel.


Little Golden Book Mommy Stories by Jean Cushman (Author), Margo Lundell (Author), Eloise Wilkin(Illustrator), Paul Meisel (Illustrator)

Presents three stories about mothers, including a tale about a brother and sister who help their mother perform household chores.


I Love you, Mommy! by Edie Evans (Author), Rusty Fletcher (Illustrator)

Let’s hear it for mommies! The rhyming text in this delightful book thanks moms for all the fun things they do with their children. Lovingly illustrated scenes show moms and kids cheering at a ball game, exploring in a museum, and playing games at home.


Nurse Nancy by Kathryn Jackson (Author), Corinne Malvern (Illustrator)

Many people fondly remember this book. Nancy loves to play Nurse, but her older brothers are always too busy with their big boy games to play with her. One day, when brother Billy falls and hurts himself, Nurse Nancy is at the ready! This lively, charming book from the 1950s is still fresh today.


We Help Mommy by Jean Cushman (Author), Eloise Wilkin (Illustrator)

Martha and Bobby help Mommy not only by doing things for themselves, but by doing many chores around the home.

Where Do Kisses Come From by Maria Fleming (Author), Janice Kinnealy (Illustrator)

From tummy tickles and silly games, and wishes for sweet dreams. No matter what kind of kisses they are, all kisses come from love. Illustrated with family scenes of adorable animals, this charming book is perfect for Mother’s Day and beyond.


What NOT To Give To Your Mom on Mother’s Day by Martha Seif Simpson (Author), Jana Christy (Illustrator)

A little boy offers advice on what NOT to give your mom on Mother’s Day, unless she’s an animal. For example, don’t give her a rotting log unless she’s a salamander, or a bunch of flies unless she’s a spider! What would Mom like best?


Little Critter: Happy Mother’s Day! by Mercer Mayer (Author, Illustrator)

Mother’s Day is almost here, and Little Critter has a special surprise in store for Mom. Join in the fun as he plans the big day. Lift the flaps and discover what Mother’s Day wonders are in store!


The Berenstain Bears and the Mama’s Day Surprise by Stan Berenstain (Author), Jan Berenstain (Author)

Mother’s Day is coming, and Mama Bear knows that Papa and the cubs are going to surprise her. She also knows that Mother’s Day in the tree house is going to be one big, messy success that she’ll have to clean up. But maybe, just maybe, Papa and the cubs have cooked up a really big surprise for Mama this year! Featuring greeting card gatefold.