There’s no better excuse to have a classroom party than Mother’s Day! Activities include singing, arts and crafts, and a discussion. Check it out!

Start with a song! Choose your tune and sing along!


Or choose from other favorite tunes…

I love Mommy!
(To the tune of Are you Sleeping?)
I love Mommy! I love Mommy!
Yes, I do. Yes, I do.
And my Mommy loves me,
And my Mommy loves me.
Yes, she does. Yes, she does!

You are my Mommy!
(To the tune of You are my Sunshine)
You are my Mommy, my only Mommy
You make me happy every day
I hope you know, mom, how much I love you
So please don’t take my mommy away

(To the tune of Bingo)
I love her and she loves me
And mommy is her name-o
And mommy is her name-o


mothers-day-classroom-party-art-project-card-simplycircleMake a card!

Flowers, a card, and a chocolate make always for a perfect combo gift for moms, and they also make for a great project to do in the classroom. So, let’s start with a card. Find your own preferred card project or choose the recommended one. For this one, you will need white card stock, construction paper in few different colors, scissors, glue, marker, and finally some yarn to wrap around the card.


mothers-day-classroom-party-art-project-paper-flower-bouquet-elementary-simplycircleCraft a flower bouquet!

All you need is craft paper, scissors, and glue. First, take a sheet of green paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Make parallel  narrow incisions along the longer side from the fold. Roll it up and glue to make a bouquet. Cut out flower shapes from papers of different colors and glue flowers on the bouquet.


mothers-day-classroom-party-sweets-simplycircleHide a chocolate! Each child takes three to five kisses or similar small type of chocolate and puts them in the cup of the bouquet. They are going to be a sweet surprise, a dessert at the end!


mothers-day-classroom-party-why-we-love-moms-simplycircleBrainstorm about why we love moms!

Use whatever time you have left of your Mother’s Day Classroom party to gather around a poster that says: ‘I love you because…’. Kids can then each write their answer on a separate sheet of paper so that each child has her own paper with an answer. For the final touch, take a camera or a phone, and take individual pictures of kids in front of the poster holding their sign. Print them out and distribute to kids. This is going to be the final piece of a mother’s gift combo!

Enjoy your craft-full classroom party!

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