Developing future innovators: Camp Galileo parent workshop

Elena Krasnoperova - Saturday, July 12th, 2014



I recently attended a parent workshop on Developing Future Innovators. It was led by Glen Tripp, founder and CEO of Galileo, a popular summer camp in the San Francisco Bay Area. This post summarizes what I learned about the Galileo Innovation Approach, and what parents can do to actively encourage it in their children.

The Galileo Innovation Approach combines three elements: Mindset, Process, and Knowledge. While our schools tend to emphasize Knowledge to the exclusion of the other two elements, all three are necessary.

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Resources for Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers: Top 5 websites to get new ideas for your classroom

Elena Krasnoperova - Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

pencil box with school equipment

For the past several days, I have been attending the SDE I Teach K / I Teach 1st conference in Las Vegas. I met some remarkable teachers and heard many incredible stories – some entertaining, some heartbreaking, but all inspiring. I may have been the only non-teacher (and non-principal) participant at the conference, but I am so glad I went there. I learned a great deal from the collective intelligence of thousands of teachers from all around the country, and I feel better equipped as a parent and as an active participant in my own kids’ education journey.

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Top 10 tips for making this 4th of July weekend extra-special

Elena Krasnoperova - Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

kids 4th

The Fourth of July is a special holiday for everyone all across America. This year, the 4th is on a Friday which means one thing – a long weekend! Take advantage of the extra time you have with your family this weekend by making it a holiday they will never forget. We have put together our top 10 tips for making this 4th of July weekend an extra-special one.

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Tips for Planning Your First Camping Trip with the Kids

Elena Krasnoperova - Tuesday, July 1st, 2014


Your kids are officially on summer vacation and the Fourth of July is coming up. If you haven’t already planned a summer vacation for your family, then camping is always a great option. If you are planning to go on your first camping trip with the kids, things can get pretty stressful. That is why we prepared a list of tips for you to use before you head out into the wilderness. Planning should be a fun experience for you family, so read on and lift the stress off your shoulders!

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Summer reading list for parents

Elena Krasnoperova - Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Summer reading

Here is the first installment of our Summer Reading List series. Our next blog post will cover the best books for you to read with your kids this summer.

This list covers the 10 best books for parents to get a new perspective on the challenges and solutions to parenting. Whether there is a particular parenting challenge you are trying to solve, or want to hone your general parenting skills, there is a book for you.

Happy reading!

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Summer reading list for families

Elena Krasnoperova - Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Children outdoors

Here is the second and last installment of our Summer Reading List series. Following our first blog post geared towards parents, this list covers 10 best books for families to read together this summer. We grouped the list by recommended ages. We hope you enjoyed our series. Happy reading!


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7 characteristics of extraordinary teachers

Elena Krasnoperova - Tuesday, July 1st, 2014


On the last day of school before the summer break, I watched my two kids enter their classrooms with huge grins on their faces.  As the year went by, they got taller, smarter, wiser and happier.  Much of their progress can be attributed to the extraordinary teachers who taught them this year.

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7 best educational iPhone apps for kids

Elena Krasnoperova - Tuesday, July 1st, 2014


The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Exactly seven years ago, our view of technology changed drastically. Since then we have been through five generations of iPhones (sixth to be released soon), and currently have access to over one million apps. Think about how many apps you rely on a daily basis. In commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the iPhone, we have put together the list of 7 best educational iPhone apps for kids.

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Why teachers and parents need a better communication tool

Elena Krasnoperova - Sunday, June 1st, 2014


It was 8:15 in the morning and I was driving my parents to a doctor appointment when I got a call from my husband who was dropping off our kids at school. “Weren’t we supposed to bring flowers to school this morning?” I confidently answered, “Don’t worry, they are for the Open House tonight, I’ll buy them later”. A few minutes later my phone buzzed again. “Honey, the flowers were supposed to be there this morning. It was in the school email.” I was sure the flowers were meant for the Open House later that night. I had read the entire blurb about Open House and even marked it in my calendar. When I got home, I scanned the entire email again and found the one line about the flowers at the very bottom of the lengthy email. I felt guilty and embarrassed that I missed it and knew my kids would grill me about why they were the only kids without the flowers this morning. How could one little line at the bottom of an email cause such a big problem for me? Yet it was not the first time. Or the last.

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