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  • $1.99/mo or $15/year
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  • Includes signups, RSVPs, 1:1 messaging, and guests
  • 100 members per circle
  • Ideal for classrooms, scout troops and sports teams


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  Easily share updates, photos and newsletters with parents

As a teacher, PTA leader or school principal, you can share announcements with the entire parent community, enable volunteer signups, publicize events, and send out pictures and documents.

You decide whether your updates get delivered as individual emails, or if you prefer to consolidate them into a single Daily Digest. Either way, your group members will get automatic reminders about your events. That means more parent engagement and participation.


  Communicate one-on-one with your group members

You can easily communicate with a parent one-on-one. Don’t worry about taking out the school directory – just click on the person’s name in the circle roster, and start a conversation.


  Make volunteer signups a breeze

If you’re looking for parents to volunteer for a classroom party, chaperone a field trip, staff a walkathon, or coordinate a charity auction, it’s easy on SimplyCircle. Just create an event or task and ask for volunteers in one easy step. Parents who volunteer will automatically be reminded before the event, which takes one more thing to do off your plate.


  Invite members easily, even if you don't know their emails

SimplyCircle gives you many options for inviting your members. You can copy and paste their email addresses, upload a CSV file, or import contacts from your Yahoo or Gmail account.

Best of all, you don’t even need everyone’s email address! Every circle comes with its own private circle invitation code. Let your group members know the code, and they can join your circle on their own.

Even if members join by invite code, you still have complete control over who is in your circle. This preserves the privacy and security of your group and all the information you share with them.




  • All-in-one parent portal
  • Accessible from all devices
  • Email notifications built-in



  • Private, secure parent portal
  • Full control over membership
  • SSL-encrypted information



  • Free plans for small groups
  • Paid plans start at $9.99/mo
  • Risk-free 30-day trials

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Why Customers Choose SimplyCircle Parent Portal

Ronak Shaw

"SimplyCircle is essential to giving all of my students' families access to information and opportunities that are critical to student success."

Ronak Shah
Teacher, Tindley Preparatory

Leah Mitchell

"SimplyCircle is a quick, convenient way to communicate with all my students' parents. I can send quick reminders, weekly newsletters, and pictures, plus I'm saving trees and time!"

Leah Mitchell
Teacher, Narragansett Elementary School


"SimplyCircle consolidates everything into one place - which I love! It's a great way to communicate with our members."

Reghan Laki
Falls-Lennox/ECC PTA

"SimplyCircle has everything my PTA needs to engage with members. The clean, simple design combined with the ability to push-and-pull information is exactly what we were looking for."

Jill Shaul
Georgetown PTA

"SimplyCircle helps improve parent engagement by keeping our school community well-informed, and by keeping parents engaged and connected with other families."

Jenay Enna
Principal, Sakamoto Elementary

"Our parents love SimplyCircle and reading the daily announcements and photos of the children's activities. Our teachers find it simple to communicate with parents."

Adela Alvarado
Director, Children's Learning Cottage

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