classroom organization hacks for teachers

Guest post by Eugene Feygin, Program Manager at Quill

Every teacher starts a new school year with the best of intentions: to keep classroom clutter to a minimum. But classroom organization can be difficult to maintain all year long. A long school year and a couple dozen students can wreak havoc with even the most organized teacher. Fortunately, there are simple, inexpensive hacks you can use to tame the mess and organize your classroom. Let us show you how with our Classroom Organization Hacks infographic.

For starters, look to the kitchen organization aisle for help. Dishracks and muffin tins provide smaller compartments for organization.

Also look at everyday office supplies like binder clips in multiple ways—to organize and display, for example.

Jars are great, and so are shoe racks—anything with divided elements that can group things together for easy view.

Keeping things sorted and in easy view is one of the best things you can do for your classroom organization goals. Pegboards, for example, do both, maintaining open access to essentials for students but keeping small items apart, too. Even re-cast items like a window shutter can be put to work in the classroom, with slats that offer spaces for each student or for different subjects.

The goal is to offer your students—and yourself—solutions at the start of the school year that are easy to maintain and easy to understand.

Use this Classroom Organization Hacks infographic for inventive ideas that are fun, inexpensive, and simple to implement:

classroom organization hacks infographic

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