Teacher-Parent Communication Has Never Been Easier

Ronak Shaw

"SimplyCircle is essential to giving all of my students' families access to information and opportunities that are critical to student success."

Ronak Shah
Teacher, Tindley Preparatory

Leah Mitchell

"SimplyCircle is a quick, convenient way to communicate with all my students' parents. I can send quick reminders, weekly newsletters, and pictures, plus I'm saving trees and time!"

Leah Mitchell
Teacher, Narragansett Elementary School

  Share updates with all parents in seconds

As a teacher, you can post updates and announcements, share pictures and upload documents. If you have a room parent, you can let him/her also share content with your class circle.

Everything you share stays private in your circle. Parents can access all the information on a computer, table, or via free mobile apps. They also get email notifications about all the new content.

It’s like having a private classroom website, a mobile app, and an email distribution list – all in one. It saves you time, and parents love having all the information about their kids in one place.

  Save time with automatic email reminders for events and tasks

When you organize an event or task on SimplyCircle, it goes on your circle calendar.

Parents get automatic email reminders about upcoming events and deadlines. They can also export events to their personal calendars with one click. That means less work and less stress for you – nobody forgets a thing.

You can attach photos or documents to your events and tasks – like a permission slip for a field trip, or homework instructions for a special project.


  Collect payments directly on SimplyCircle

We recently added the ability to collect money.

Just make sure that your email address on SimplyCircle matches the email on your PayPal account. The money that you collect will instantly go into your PayPal account.

No more depositing of paper checks. No more trying to remember who paid for what. Everything is right there, in one convenient location.

Whether you need to collect payments for a field trip, a classroom party, school supplies, or anything else – you can do it all with a click of a button.


  Organize parent volunteers easily

You can create online signups for any occasion: a field trip, a classroom party, a school fundraiser, or a parent-teacher conference.

When signing up is as easy as a click of a button, many more parents will volunteer in your classroom or at the school.

All the reminding is done automatically, so nobody forgets about their commitments.

  Maximize parent engagement

With SimplyCircle, parents can participate in the group discussions or share photos with you and the other parents. Information is only shared with members of your private circle, and you can edit or delete any content posted to your circle. So go beyond one-way communication, and get parents more actively engaged and involved in your classroom.

  Communicate one-on-one with parents

For more private teacher-parent communication, you can message one-on-one with a parent. You don’t have to look up parents’ email addresses in a directory – just click on the parent’s name in your class roster, and start a conversation with them.

Classroom private messaging

  It's fast and easy!

Create your free, secure account in seconds. Then invite parents to join your circle.

We give you lots of options for inviting parents to your circle.

You can copy and paste their email addresses, import their contact information from your Yahoo or Google contact book, or upload a .csv file that contains their email addresses. Parents can accept your invite to join the circle in less than thirty seconds. It’s that easy!

And if you don’t know everybody’s emails, you can just share the circle invite code with them, and they can join your circle on their own. Just put it on a flyer that you send home, or distribute it at Back-to-School night.


Want to Increase Family Engagement At Your Entire School?

  • We offer affordable school-wide licenses for your entire school
  • Unlimited use for every classroom, grade, PTA committee, etc.
  • Parents love seeing everything about their kids in one place

Why Choose SimplyCircle to Communicate with Parents

Gabe Slate, KRON-4 Bay Area News

"SimplyCircle helps parents stay organized and on top of everything throughout the school year. It's like a personal assistant for parents."
- Gabe Slate, KRON-4 Bay Area News

Deedee Wills, Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten

"On SimplyCircle, reminders are built right in, so that’s one less thing on your To Do list. Where is that "That was easy!" button from Staples?!"
- Deedee Wills, Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten

Cara Carroll, The First Grade Parade

"SimplyCircle is an EXCELLENT platform for communicating with parents! If you're not familiar with SimplyCircle, you must check it out!"
- Cara Carroll, The First Grade Parade

Richard Byrne, Free Technology For Teachers

"SimplyCircle offers many of the features of Google+ Communities without the need for parents to join Google+"
- Richard Byrne, Free Technology For Teachers

Palma Lindsay, KFUNdamentals

"The new look of the SimplyCircle app reminds me of Apple-like design: clean, simple, and easy to understand."
- Palma Lindsay, KFUNdamentals

Michelle Oakes, Fabulous in First

"I just discovered a new tool for parent communication. It's called SimplyCircle and you should check it out!"
- Michelle Oakes, Fabulous in First

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