You will love visiting these great classrooms on Valentine’s Day. They sure know how to celebrate the day of Love with great games and activities!

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The First Grade Parade

Ms. Cara from The First Grade Parade prepared a beautiful classroom for her kindergartners! With Valentine banners and decorated tables children must have felt very special and loved. After a bunch of funny activities and crafts, the final thrill came with the yummy cotton candy ice creams.


Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten

In Mrs. Lee’s school everyone conspired to  make Valentine for children really special. Everything started when they found a letter and a book from their reading coach outside their classroom door. Fun heart-themed learning games and crafts followed, and ended with passing out valentines.


Miss Kindergarten

Miss Kindergarten has prepared a ton of fun printables for her children, and everything with hearts and cupcakes. Adorable! These lucky little kindergartners will learn everything they need just by playing!


Green Bean Kindergarten

Even though Green Bean Kindergarten was very busy and realized she had only one week to prepare for the Valentine’s party, she didn’t get disheartened nor did she do the same thing she did the year before. She jumped on Pinterest and Internet and found an abundance of crafts, games and activities.


Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten

Mrs. Ricca has prepared a bunch of fun literacy and math activities to do with her kindergartners for the Valentine. Get inspired and download a free copy.


The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Even though Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard doesn’t do Valentine, he just thinks it’s silly, it is a big deal for children, so there was no way out. He had to do it, and he did it great. There were Candy Heart Estimation game, Valentine’s Day Tree Map, The Day It Rained Hearts, to name a few.

Mrs. T’s First Grade Class

Not only did Mrs. T made these adorable Valentine bags with her first graders, she has also produced a ton of fun learning activities. Kids had a really fun day full of crafts, engaging games and treats.

Grade ONEderful

Ms. Abigail too kicked the big day off with charming Valentine bag craft. They carried on with super cute Valentine cards for parents, books and poems. She made an overall great day for her little first graders!


Mrs. Johnson’s First Grade

In Mrs. Johnson’s school Valentine is celebrated the whole week prior to Valentine’s day. She started the big week with students making their buddy boxes. Children used the boxes to slip in notes of appreciation, but also apologies if someone wasn’t nice. What a great idea to start Valentine week!

Deanna Jump’s Classroom

Ms. Deanna came up again with a bunch of learning and fun Valentine themed activities, from sorting and making Valentine cards graphs, to analyzing them, to playing Valentine’s probability game. Great work!

Exclusive Bonus: Download our FREE Valentine’s Day Planning Guide to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration for your classroom or family.

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