We scoured the Internet for the best, most creative 100th Day of School projects and activities. Here is the best of what we found.


Balloon Release

Imagine coming to school only to see one hundred balloons released into the air! I would never stop going to that school! Don’t underestimate the time to fill up the balloons though!


100 Paper Link Chains

Adorable – and easy to make – paper chains. Make 10 chains with 10 links each, or one long chain with 100 links. Either way, it’s a great way to count up to 100!


Rainbow of Skittles

Easy to make craft. All you need is construction paper, Skittles, school glue, and some imagination!


100 Day of School doorway decoration

I want to celebrate the 100th Day of School in this classroom! Look at this awesome door decoration. You make it once and then can reuse it year after year.


100 Days of School t-shirt decoration

We love, love, love this teacher’s t-shirt decoration ideas. Check out these great pics – eye balls, diamond blings, buttons and peace signs galore!


100 Pennies Art Decor

This creative Mom happened to have a letter H sitting around in her house. What fun objects can your child stick their 100 pennies to?


100 Number Art

What a creative idea! Each student got a sheet of paper with the number 100 in it, and had to create a piece of art incorporating the number.


Estimation Bags Activity

Students try to estimate how many objects are in each bag. The only rule is no touching the bags and no poking around. The top estimators of the day get “Mighty Oh Yeah’s” and fun stickers.


Super Bowl Themed 100th Day

Do you think you have a lot of football fans in your classroom? If so, then this is a theme for you! Hang some gigantic footballs from the ceiling, play activities like writing of the next Super Bowl predictions and don’t forget the eye black.


100 Straw Self Portrait

Bring a huge bundle of colorful straws and cut them in small pieces. Make sure to count one hundred before putting the glue to work.


Monster Shirts and Googly Eyes

Googly eyes and monsters are the evergreen theme for every 100th day of school celebration. It is something you just have to do.


100 Pretzel Stick Tree

Such a cute idea to make a tree out of hundred pretzel sticks. Create the background first, then count one hundred pretzel sticks, glue them on the paper and finally finish up with leaves.


100 Day T-shirts

Shirts are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the 100 Days of School party. Using pipe cleaners is just one way to decorate them.


100 Day Abacus

100 days of school provides a well of ideas to inspire children to count. Look at this adorable abacus. All you need is a box of fruit cheerios, some string and an empty box.


100 Pieces of Spaghetti

What else can we use to make a bundle of one hundred? This creative mom has come up with a bundle of spaghetti. What a great idea! Later she can stick spaghetti in a styrofoam ball for a unique decoration idea.


100 Fabric Scrap Pieces Garland

This mom was brainstorming with her daughter about the 100 Days of School project. They settled with this great decoration. Mom cut the fabric pieces, and her daughter tied them to a string.



100 Pinwheels Project

This is one of my favorite projects! So simple yet so effective. All you need are some colorful papers and a little patience.


100 Entryway Decoration

Look at this entryway decoration! Children must feel super proud and special about their school achievements after entering through that door. Best thing about it, it can be reused for years.


100 Days of School Necklace

In case you are left with some fruit cheerios after making the abacus, this is a great way to make use of them. Just thread cheerios on a string and don’t forget the tens number tags.


Portraits of 100 Year Olds

Self-portraits of kids imagining how they are going to look as 100 years olds. Children used different materials from buttons and lace, to cotton wool balls and bead chains to get impression of old age.


100 Days Fake Cake

Mmm, yummy! I think everyone wished this cake was real. They nevertheless had much fun making it. Use styrofoam shapes to make a cake, the rest is imagination and lots of candles… 100 hundred of in fact.


100 Days Idea Board

This is a great group project, especially if the board is open to the whole school, so that older as well as younger students can contribute with their ideas. Sections of the board can include: ‘100 Great Books,’ ‘100 Acts of Kindness’ or ‘100 Ways to make 100.’ I would love to read those answers!


100 Blocks Playground

Another fun group project! Use one hundred blocks to build something. These kids decided to build a playground.


100 Pieces of Paper Art

Great way to blend math and art. Teacher will have to precut paper pieces for the younger students. Cut and prepare paper pieces, count 100 of them and make a picture.


100 Year Old Portrait

Another portrait project of a 100 year olds. Look at these adorable wrinkles! Such a great idea to use tissue paper to yield the texture of old faces.