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Guest post by Jessica Vainer

What is so important about childhood education?

Many parents don’t think about their children’s brain development and the importance of early childhood education, and they are making a big mistake. Children should learn and realize the role of studying as early as possible. As they grow and develop, you may start noticing that every kid responds to school in different ways. Some of them start getting low grades at the very beginning, while others are getting straight A’s. That is why it is critical to teach all kids about the impact of education. As a parent, you need to show your children that education will play a leading role in their lives and that it is a ticket to their success. It must be explained from the different points of view and throughout the kid’s early ages in order to make a positive impact on their life.

How to explain the importance of education to your kids

Kids are naturally curious and have a built-in desire to learn about everything around them. Therefore, the best and the simplest teaching tool here is your own attitude. Having a positive attitude about learning something new, reading books or playing the piano gives similar beliefs to your child. Children education begins with the moment they are born, so prepare yourself to explain everything to them starting from that moment. Early brain development has a lasting impact on kids’ ability to learn and succeed in school and life in general. A child’s brain develops most of its neural connections before the age of 3. Moreover, in order to build your child’s brain, you need to interact with them. That is why, it is so important to read, sing and play with kids from the moment they are born.

Show your kids that reading is cool. Having many books at home and reading them to your child are the most important indicators of their future academic success. It is critical for your child’s brain development. A parent, who reads a lot, buys new books and visits library regularly set a positive reader model for their children. Making your kids see and hear how much you like a certain book, increase their interest in reading. It is your concern as a parent to make your children love reading, as you can make them either love it or hate it for the rest of their lives.

In order to teach your kid why is school important, you can use some real-life examples. Talk about a highly successful executive who runs an essay writing service Papers Owl that provides students with writing help. Could they achieve it without education? Of course, they couldn’t. Explain to your child that decent education is important if they want to become successful in life. Tell your kid about that businessperson or about that world’s best lawyer who would have never had a chance to build such amazing careers if they had not had a school or university degree. Make a good point that without education all you can count on is a low-paying boring job.

To help your kid develop language skills, read to them often. Explain everyday items to your child, from showing some toys to describing what a tree is. Give them reasons why education is important and how it can be interesting. As your kid grows, start engaging them in more complex discussions and activities, like showing them different plants or talking about the colors. Tell your kid that when they are at school, the teacher will talk about these things in more detail, so that your kid is interested in all the new information that they can get in school. Tell them that school is a place where people acquire knowledge and learn how to use it. School is a place where they can discover the world through history, geography, literature and through the people they meet.

You can also use your computer or television in order to educate your child. Well, computers never fail to amaze kids. Choose some videos, cartoons, and shows that are interesting and educational at the same time. In addition to fun and entertainment, cartoons can explain why education is important. Some of them, where characters spend most of their time being at school can give your kid a desire to spend more time there as well. In addition, sometimes it can be difficult to teach a kid some moral values and good manners. By showing kids a cartoon, you can teach them how to handle different situations, keep up friendships and give them the idea that studying is essential.

Whether your kid is just starting kindergarten or elementary school, there are many good reasons for you to volunteer at school. Getting involved is a great way to show your kid that you take an interest in their education. As a parent, you need to play a supporting role, and there is no better way to show your child that you are supporting them than to go through the whole process of studying together. It also shows that you consider school a significant part of life.

Another thing you need to do is to explain to your kid the meaning of grades. Even though grades are not that important at the beginning of their education, there is a strong connection between good grades in high school and the opportunity to study in college. You need to point out that those students who get the highest grades in high school can receive a scholarship to study in college. It is critical to start getting high grades in junior high and high school as college will only accept those who understand the value of education.

See your kid growing into a successful young person

Overall, early childhood education is critical in helping your kid meet their full potential. One of the most important attributes of parental attitudes is consistency. As kids are growing, parents’ involvement in their learning remains important. Parents’ involvement is the strongest predictor of child educational outcomes. So, take a day off, put your smartphone down and spend some time with your child.