This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19th. The school is going to be over by then, so make sure to organize your Father’s Day classroom party before school closes for the summer break.

Here are some ideas for how to organize an awesome party for your students’ awesome Dads.

fathers-day-classroom-party-ideas-simplycircle-tie-craft-ideaFirst, decorate the classroom before the actual party. Think cars, Star Wars, and mustaches, rather than flowers and ribbons. Any ideas? Get scissors and craft paper and have students make decorations like funky neckties, mustaches and similar. Older kids can easily come up with a bunch of great humorous ideas. Smaller kids might need more guided activity.

Next, set up a big poster board in one corner of the classroom to make a photo booth. Brainstorm with kids about why Dads are so special, how they differ from Moms, and about their qualities and characteristics. Start the conversation with your own thoughts about your father. Talk about their patience, unconditional love they have for their kids, and, of course, their great sense of humor.

fathers-day-classroom-party-ideas-simplycircle-gift-rootbeer-slimjimEveryone likes gifts, so goodie bags are next to make. Again, think root beer and jerky, rather than chocolate and candy. You can discuss with older students a few days in advance what would they like to make. Have a few days to gather the supplies. With younger ones, you can skip this step and present them with a fun idea, then have them make it.

And the last but not the least, create invitations!

With goodie bags and invitations ready and classroom decorated, everything is officially ready for the party!

Tip: To make this day even funnier and in the ‘dads’ mood, have your students dress up like Dads!

What dads really like to do with kids is playing games. Arrange tables in clusters and provide a bunch of board games to play. If outdoor games and sports activities are available too, make sure you plan for enough time. After everyone is tired out, head over to the photo booth for some keepsake photos.

Finish this great party with a book. Here are some great choices:


A Perfect Father’s Day by Eve Bunting and Susan Meddaugh

Four-year-old Susie gives her dad her idea of the perfect Father’s Day: A fast food restaurant for lunch, feeding birds at the park, a ride on the carousel, the swings . . . they even top their day off with balloons! Eve Bunting’s tongue-in-cheek story is sure to resonate with the loving, exhausted parents of charming preschoolers. Susan Meddaugh contributes ample subtle humor to the reading experience in the details of her illustrations. This sweet treat of a book, in a new paper-over-board gift edition with foil cover accents, is the perfect story for dads and kids to share on a perfect Father’s Day.

The Night Before Father’s Day by Natasha Wing (Author), Amy Wummer (Illustrator)

It’s the night before Father’s Day, and Mom and the kids have a plan to surprise Dad with a special gift. When Dad goes for a bike ride, everyone gets to work. Dad wakes up the next day to find his garage newly organized and his car sparkly clean. So, of course, he celebrates by taking everyone for a spin!


Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad! by Jan Berenstain (Author, Illustrator), Mike Berenstain (Author, Illustrator)

In The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad!, the cubs decide to spoil Papa Bear for Father’s Day. Papa Bear is, after all, the best dad there is.

He’s always there for his cubs, but will he let them treat him for a change, on his special day?

This full-color storybook brings another delightful adventure with the Berenstain Bears.