Fathers play such an important role in our lives. They teach us valuable lessons, support us through our ups and downs, praise us, encourage us, and love us unconditionally. Help your kiddos say thank you to the important men in their lives with a Father’s day classroom activities and crafts.

Here is a round-up of Father’s Day classroom craftivities from our favorite teacher bloggers. These activities are perfect for an end-of-the-year school project too!

We hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!


Teacher Idea Factory Father’s Day Goods, Easy Crafts & Song: This packet may be just what you are looking for! These simple, no-fuss crafts will have students tap into their creative side and if you want to do a sing-along, download the Dear Old Dad song and have students follow along.


KFUNdamentals Cute Father’s Day Idea: These adorable paperweights are customizable! Students can write personalized messages or create their own fantastic designs.

Falling Into First iDad craftivity: Dads will love this adorable craft/gift, plus it is a great way for students to practice their adjectives. There is also a letter template that students can fill out and practice their handwriting. Sweet and educational!


Dear Dad Letter from Be A Fun Mum: Make this lovely project for students to practice reading and writing, plus they’ll get to draw, too. At the end, you will have a great gift for children to give to their dads.


Tape And Paint Picture from Red Tricycle: For a more elaborate art work choose this great project that looks more messy than it actually is.

Love You To The Moon And Back: Or any other word play quote makes for a great art inspiration. It teaches children humor, word play and idioms, in addition to making a fun art project. Other ideas can be: Love You To Pieces, I’m Hooked On Daddy, Yoda Best Dad, etc. So much fun!


Handprints from Easy Preschool Craft: Handprints are always a great project for smaller kids from preschool and kindergarten that are not a very skilled drawers. This here is a great quote supported with a lovely handprint picture.


Quotes from Smashable: Quotes are another virtually endless source of inspiration! Pick a quote and make it into an art project. This will for sure go on the wall above the dad’s bed!


Goodie Bags from Little Family Fun: Oh yes, goodie bags! Everybody loves to get them. Have your students think about five of their dads favorite things. It can be football or some other sport, candy, activity and so on. Fill up the bags with these favorite candies and small items and drawings of bigger things and activities.


Photo Collage or Picture from Tempojunto: Finally, a picture or a collage with an actual picture makes a great personalized keepsake. Plan ahead to take pictures of the students ahead of time and print them out.