A little bit of science, a little bit of PE, a whole lot of fun – these great St. Patrick’s Day activities will keep your students entertained for hours!


Sprouts on a Sponge from HousingAForest

With an ordinary kitchen sponge, some seeds and a little water, your kids can see sprouts grow right before their eyes.


Leprechaun Balloon Rockets from WhatDoWeDoAllDay

A great science project that can be easily turned into a St. Patrick’s Day craft using green balloons decorated with shamrocks.


St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt from MoonFrye

Simply create the “gold” pieces, hide around the house or backyard, and let your little leprechauns-in-training have a blast collecting their treasure.



How to Catch a Leprechaun from TheSuburbanMom

Catching a leprechaun can be serious business. This “how-to” shows you how to build a leprechaun trap. Don’t expect to actually catch him, however sometimes he will leave you a piece of gold.



Green Slime from MommaDJane

Kids will have just as much fun making their own slime as they will playing with it.

St. Patrick’s Day Yoga from KidsYogaStories

Take a pretend journey to Ireland to learn about the flora and fauna of this magnificent country. Bring your enthusiasm, imagination, and willingness to have fun with your children. Practicing barefoot on a non-slip surface and wearing comfortable clothing will make the experience even more enjoyable.


Clover Hop from PinkOatmeal

Done much like “Musical Chairs”, this game has a square for each child in the class. Each square has a different activity on it. When the music stops, the child performs the action on the square.



How to Make A Rainbow from InspirationLaboratories

Kids will have such fun learning about rainbows and even how to make a rainbow.


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