Being the President of a PTA is an honor and a privilege. But it is also a challenge, and sometimes it feels like you are juggling dozens of tasks at the same time. Where do you start? These organizational tips will help you get the new school year off on the right foot.

1. Review your resources. The National PTA develops a Back to School Kit that is a really great resource for new Presidents. Be sure to read it and seek out other helpful resources available from the National PTA.

2. Bylaws! Bylaws! Bylaws! Review and learn your bylaws. This document will tell you how your group is set up and how it is supposed to run. Follow the Bylaws and you can’t go wrong!

3. Standing Rules. These are the procedural aspects of your PTA. They will tell you more specific details about your PTA, the committees, the officer duties, etc.

4. Learn from your predecessor. Set up a meeting with the former PTA president to learn about successes, challenges, recommendations for change, etc. Your predecessor is an invaluable resource, so don’t be shy in asking for advice

5. Meet with your officers. Here is where you can set the goals for your PTA, determine your calendar of events for the upcoming year, get recommendations to fill vacant committee chair positions, etc.

6. Keep to-do lists of everything! Keeping lists is the only way to keep things on track. Keep a separate list for the major things like: Board meetings, PTA meeting agendas, Newsletter, Principal/School Issues, Committee Chairs, General To-Do-List. Be sure to update the lists when something has been completed or a new task is needed.

7. Delegate! An effective leader is also a great delegator. Delegating shows your trust in others as well as equips them with valuable leadership skills. Evaluate the strengths of your officers, committee chairs and volunteers. Be sure to clearly communicate the objective, but let them decide the path to achieve it. As long as the outcome is what was expected, getting there can take many different routes.

8. Set up your PTA communication system. One of the most important jobs you have to do is to keep your PTA members informed and engaged. Don’t rely on outdated tools like paper flyers and email distribution lists. Streamline all of your PTA communications with SimplyCircle, and see for yourself how much it increases family engagement at your school and in your PTA. Try it out for free today!