Getting Started for Circle Managers

It’s easy to get started on SimplyCircle.

First off – what’s a circle again?

A circle is a place where you can share announcements, events, tasks, volunteer signups, photos and documents with a group of people you invite. Everything you share will be private within that group.

Start off with some content

As a best practice, we recommend adding one or two pieces of content to your circle before you invite members. That way, when your members join, there will be something for them to look at. One easy way to start with a welcome announcement from you. Or you could add a recurring event, or an upcoming holiday.

Setting circle options

As a circle manager, you have some options in how your circle is set up. Just click Manager Tools, select the circle you want to manage, then click Settings. From here, you can:

  • Personalize your circle by uploading¬†an icon for the group
  • Select whether the people you invite to the circle can receive emails without first creating an account. By default, only people who accept your invitation and create a SimplyCircle account will receive messages.
  • Select whether everyone in the circle – or just circle managers – can create posts the whole group can see. By default, everyone in the group can create posts.

Inviting people to your circle

It’s easy to invite people to join your circle – just click on Manager Tools. All you need to do is enter email addresses, and you can invite members in seconds.¬†Creating an account is easy, and takes less than one minute.


You can also use Manager tools to manage your members – like checking which ones have accepted your invitation, setting people to be circle co-managers with you, and updating members’ personal details. If your group has paid membership, you can manage membership status and even membership card printing, right from within SimplyCircle.

Creating a post

It’s easy to create a post that your whole group will see. From your SimplyCircle home screen, just click New Post.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Write as much or as little as you want. With SimplyCircle, there are no constraints on the length of your updates, so you can write exactly what you need to write.
  • Get in news feeds right away. Everything you post will display in members’ SimplyCircle news feeds immediately, for everyone in the circle.
  • Members will also receive your content by email. By default, your post will go out in the next Daily Digest, at 5pm local time. If you want to send your post ASAP via email, you can do that. Just click the Deliver Instantly checkbox.
  • It’s easy to attach documents or photos. You can click Attach Files at the bottom of the post, and then upload your document or photos.
  • Members can comment. These comments will be summarized in the next daily digest, so there’s no need to worry about reply-all threads spinning out of control.


Sharing photos and files is easy

You can attach photos or files to any post, event, or task in SimplyCircle, and the entire circle will get them. It’s a great way to help save the memories, and also keep important documents in one easy-to-use location.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Anybody can share photos and documents. Volunteering at a school event and have great pictures of the kids to share with your circle? Click on Photos, or create a new post with attachments. Got a random piece of paper from your group manager? Just snap a picture and upload it to the circle, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.
  • Sharing photos is a snap. SimplyCircle is completely mobile optimized. Log in on your smartphone, and you can upload photos directly from your camera roll. Or even better, use our iOS app.
  • Permanent and secure archiving. SimplyCircle is a free and private archive of all things related to your kids and your groups. No more searching through your email inbox for that photo that was shared months ago. Everything is accessible and searchable from the “Files” and “Photos” menu on SimplyCircle.

Event vs. Task

An event is for a commitment that has a start time and end time – like a party. A task is for something that has a due date, like a permission slip being due. But overall, these features are similar, and you should feel free to pick whatever works best for you.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Only circle managers can create events and tasks. Feel the power!
  • Let us do all of the reminding for you. Circle members will see the events or tasks in their weekly planner emails that go out on Sunday mornings, and be reminded of them in the daily reminder email.
  • Easily add to personal calendars. Members can also add any event or task they want to their personal calendar such as Outlook or Gmail with one click of a button.

Signups made simple

You can add a volunteer signup to any event or task in SimplyCircle. It’s never been easier to get help for all the activities you are organizing.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Volunteer signups are an option on Events and Tasks. Start by creating the event or task for which volunteers are needed.
  • You can ask volunteers to bring items. Organizing a potluck? Or just need people to bring supplies? It’s easy in SimplyCircle. Just specify what items you’d like volunteers to bring, and they can sign up in one click.
  • Reminders are automatic. No need to worry about reminding group members about their volunteer commitments. SimplyCircle automatically reminds your volunteers – so that’s one less thing on your plate.


That’s it! We hope you have a great experience using SimplyCircle. If you have any questions, email us anytime at

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