girl with easter eggs

Spring is the time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Let’s kick the season off with healthy Easter snacks for your classroom party!

Excite kids with yummy Easter-themed creations that are abundant with colors, nutrients and vitamins. Show your little “Easter bunnies” the fun of making healthy food choices.

Find inspiration from the many ideas we have gathered here! You can make your snacks beforehand for an exciting surprise for kids. Or you can precut and prepare all the ingredients for a great edible project to do in the classroom. The choice is yours.

Let’s get started!


Easter Bunny Buns from OneLittleProject Make your own dough, use your mom’s bread maker or make your own. These little bunnies are sure to be sensation on the table, so make a lot! The secret to making the bunny shape is in using scissors to make two pinches for ears and poking two eyes with a toothpick.


Hummus and Carrots in a Pot from TotallyTots This is a very easy and nutritional snack. Kids can plant baby carrots themselves as a project or craft activity and pull them out as a snack later. Or it can be done beforehand, kept in fridge and served with love. Buy hummus or make your own by mixing drained can chickpeas, some lemon juice, salt and olive oil. Make a little hole with tooth pick on the top of carrots and stick parsley spring in it.


Babybel Bunnies from BlessedBeyondCrazy Babybel cheese balls are exciting as they are, but shaped into bunnies they will surely be a party favorite. Cut baby carrots in half for ears, cut a regular carrot in round pieces, then using a heart-shaped cookie cutter cut out noses. Use two chocolate chips, pointed side down, for eyes, and two white chocolate chips with pointed sides up for cheeks.


Surprise Egg Treats from TheEmpoweredMomma Filled with your choice of treats, kids will open and eat each and everyone of them with delight! Use a hot beverage holder or an empty egg carton for plastic eggs. Fill the plastic eggs with pieces of fruit, vegetable and other healthy snacks.


Springy Fruity Cheesy Butterflies from CreativeKidSnacks Fruit, fruit, finally fruit! Now that it’s finally here, let’s create fun and edible treats. Here is one of them. Peel a cheese stick for butterfly’s body and make other parts with fruits and veggie pieces of your choice.


Egg Popsicle from AKailoChicLife These lovely and yummy refreshing fruit juice popsicles might be a bit more work, but watching the pleasure on those small faces will pay of every ounce of not-so-hard labor. Use thumbtack to drill a hole and a small funnel or piping tip to fill eggs with fruit juice. Let it freeze and voila!


Pineapple Bees from MeaningfulMama Oh-so-easy yet adorable treat that will restore all run-out energy and bring back the spring enthusiasm! Keep this for all your spring parties. Melt some chocolate in a microwave or on the stove top and use candy eyes and chips for the wings.  


Chickie Fruit Cups from NoBiggie A super easy and handy snack for in the classroom. At the same time, it is fresh, yummy and fruity! Did I mention also super cute?! This is very easy to do and pack! The only thing you need are a black and orange marker and plastic spoons.


Apple Bunny from KitchenFunWithMy3Sons A refreshing Granny Smith apple really is a treat in a vitamin-depleted time after winter. Have your serving of good stuff and get some for the kids, too. Cut out one crunchy green apple for bunny’s face and ears. Use edible grass for whiskers, Nutella for mouth and candy eyes, two mini marshmallow pieces for teeth, and a jelly bean for the nose.


Butterfly Packs from SquawkFox Butterfly packs are always a welcoming treat. Make a spring edition. Use clothespin lined with glitter glue for butterfly’s body, stick two googly eyes and pinch with clothespin a half of a pipe cleaner for the antennas.


Carroty Sunflower from WeLoveBeingMoms Easy homemade and good snack. It can be made in the classroom as a fun activity, too. Serve yogurt dip, cream cheese or hummus in the little bowl in the middle. You can use small plastic cups for the bowl.


Clementine Chicks from KitchenFunWithMy3Sons Peel some clementines for this cute chick parade! Cut out feet, beaks, and crests from discarded peel.


Bunny Sandwiches from CherishedBliss Enjoy these yummy bunny sandwiches on your Easter party. They are sure to be a hit. Fill sandwiches with egg salad, ham and cheese and mayo to keep everything stuck together, or cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumbers. Your imagination is the limit!


Flower Fruit Pops from DollhouseBakeShoppe Quick, simple, healthy, and affordable. Did I forget to mention also a fun classroom activity! Use cookie cutters to cut our flower shapes out of watermelon, honey dew, cantaloupe or any other similarly soft fruit that is easy to cut. Use wooden skewers to make flowers.


Easter Bunny Fruit Snack from MeetTheDubiens Make this cute little guy for snack. It is sure to bring out smile on everyone’s face. It is 95 percent fruit and 5 percent carrot! For a more springy fruit treat look no further!


Egg Chicks from ThePrimePursuit These eggs are sure to be eaten from the pickiest of your kids! Plus they are so easy to make, it would be a shame not to make them! Use peppercorns for eyes, broccoli, carrots, red pepper, and dried papaya for other features. Just play with it!


Versatile Fruit Bunny from ThePrimePursuit Yet another 100 percent fruit and veggie bunny for your pleasure and everyone else’s delight! Possibilities are myriad: apples, strawberries, blueberries, cheese slices cut in circles, cucumbers, dried apricots, grapes, almonds, raisins… Precut everything and let kids play with it!


Chicks in a Spring Garden from ArtsyCraftsyMom Put your knives and cookie cutters to use to make this adorable little chicks garden. The whole garden in guaranteed to disappear until the last little crumb. Use all kids of veggies and toothpicks to make different colored flowers like carrots, yellow and red bell peppers, and cucumbers for leaves.


Easter Peacock from HobbyInABox And how about peacock? The everyone’s favorite strollers-around in the zoo. Use pear halves for the body and fruit of your choice for its gorgeous tail.


Spring Vegetable Garden from HalfHourMeals This cute assembling is a true homage to spring with all its vegetables: cucumbers, radishes, carrots, spinach and cherry tomatoes! This one is an Easter table must have!


Eggsy Sail Boats from HalfHourMeals Oh, my! Such a cute idea to use tortilla chips for sails. Use hard boiled yolk to make a salad to fill yummy little boats.


Cherry Ladybugs from YellowBlissRoad Where there’s flowers and spring, there’s ladybugs! Make these amazing snacks for this years Easter breakfast! Use cherry tomato halves, black olives for heads and dots, and seasoned cream cheese on crackers.


Egg Bee from KWBentoDiary And where’s spring, there’s bees, too! Make this adorable bees from hard boiled eggs and cut nori seaweed.


Peppery Chickens from Pinterest. Bell peppers chickens – what a treat for eyes, mind and mouth! Use toothpick to keep yummy chickens together.

Check out other great Easter ideas – and get our freebies – on our Easter page. Happy Easter!