Guest blog post by Mark Abbott, Founder of FarmRaiser

Are you tired of the same old cookie-dough, candy bar or wrapping paper sales? Are you looking for a healthy alternative for your school’s spring fundraiser? Check out these 5 high-profit and healthy fundraising ideas from FarmRaiser, a unique online product fundraising marketplace for schools and causes. Plus, all SimplyCircle customers and blog readers get a special $50 bonus on their first FarmRaiser campaign.

I started FarmRaiser because I wanted to support my kids’ school, but didn’t want to buy candy, junk food or coupon books that I never used.

We’ve created a unique online marketplace where local farmers and artisans can offer products for sale. We’ve grown quickly to over 700 unique local products from 300 local vendors throughout the country.

Here are 5 of our most popular and effective healthy fundraisers for the Spring season:


1. Host a Seed Sale fundraiser in early Spring

healthy fundraising idea: seedsFlower and vegetable seeds are popular during the winter and early spring months when gardeners are planning for spring and deciding what to grow. They are a great contrast to the sweet treat fundraisers that are popular in the holiday season and will set your fundraiser apart. Seeds are one of the most popular and successful healthy fundraisers among the hundreds of organizers on FarmRaiser because:

  • Seeds can be shipped directly to your school, anywhere in the country, making the delivery and distribution part of your fundraiser easy and simple.
  • Seed fundraisers are useful and practical: home and school gardeners are going to spend money on seeds anyway. They might as well support your cause while doing it.
  • You can add a seed sale to almost any existing fundraiser. You can boost your profits while providing countless opportunities for kids to learn and connect with food.
  • If they grow it, they will eat itWhen kids experience the magic of gardening firsthand, they are more likely to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their efforts.
  • Fast and easy fundraiser setup. With FarmRaiser’s real-time inventory system and a tried and true selection of seeds from High Mowing, you can start selling almost immediately.  Try it, and see just how easy healthy fundraising can be.
  • Planting a seed is an expression of hope for the future, and cultivating hope for the future is what we try to do every day.


2. Celebrate Spring with a farm-fresh produce fundraiser

healthy fundraising: spring_produce

Turn over a new leaf with a a selection of the season’s fruits and vegetables picked fresh from a farm near you. February and early March is the perfect time to book your fresh produce fundraiser  and take advantage of spring crops like asparagus, greens, and herbs. Fresh produce fundraisers with a local farmer, CSA, or home produce delivery service are:

  • Effective: everyone needs produce, and we work with farmers to bring you the season’s best at great prices.
  • Educational: produce fundraisers are a great way to teach kids about where their food comes from, and how to eat healthy.
  • Sustainable: choosing to sell local farm products helps keep your food system resilient and your local economy strong.
  • Healthy and Delicious: the best way to get kids to eat vegetables is to serve them great-tasting farm-fresh produce.  Or you could cover it in cheese and butter — either way, you’re in for a treat.


3. Perk up your supporters with a coffee fundraiser

Highly popular, mildly addictive, and yet beneficial to health, coffee makes an amazingly effective and profitable fundraiser. As a nation, the United States spends $18 billion on coffee, with  nearly 2/3rd of all adults in the United States drinking at least one cup per day. This makes coffee a great item to sell in your fundraiser: almost everyone wants it, and is going to spend money on it anyway, so they are delighted to buy some to support your group’s fundraising campaign.

healthy coffee fundraiserFresh, delicious, locally-roasted coffee has been one of the most popular FarmRaiser items since the beginning. Here’s why:

  • Popular with parents and supporters – 2 out of 3 adults in America drink coffee, and buy it at least twice a month; your supporters are probably no exception.
  • Widely available – FarmRaiser has artisan roaster partners in almost every area of the country, and we’re getting new ones every day.
  • Delicious – every town has its local favorite style and type of bean, and with FarmRaiser you can sell exactly what your customers want, rather than some generic ‘fundraising coffee.’
  • Necessary – whether it’s your 5AM workout, early morning meetings, or shuttling kids to late night practices, rehearsals and events, coffee helps you make it through.
  • No refrigeration needed – you can distribute coffee at a sunny afternoon soccer practice and not worry about it spoiling before it makes it home.
  • Coffee promotes health, reducing the risk of diabetes, liver cancer and cirrhosis, gallstones, heart disease and Parkinson’s see this interactive infographic from Harvard’s School of Public Health.

Give your community of supporters what they want, while raising money for your school or cause, book your coffee fundraiser today.


4. Community Basket Fundraiser, a win-win for your organization and your community.
Community Basket Healthy Fundraising

If you’re looking for a unique fundraiser for your school, that will set you apart from other product fundraisers, why not try a Community Basket Fundraiser from FarmRaiser?

Here’s how it works: When you sell a Community Basket in your fundraiser, you keeps 50% of the sale, and FarmRaiser will work with your local food bank to buy locally-sourced fruits and vegetables at bulk prices to distribute to those who need it the most. A typical basket of $20, will net you $10, and provide up to 50 lbs of food to your local food bank.  Our organizers love Community Basket fundraisers because they’re:

  • Meaningful & high-impact Fresh fruits and vegetables are always in short supply at food banks and pantries. By purchasing at wholesale prices, even a small donation goes a long way to help families in need.
  • Fast. We can have your fundraiser set up in about half an hour.
  • Easy. With no products or volunteers to coordinate, a Community Basket Fundraiser is great for those with limited time.
  • A great “add-on” product for a spring produce sale or other healthy product fundraiser
  • Able to reach more people because community baskets allow people who don’t want to pick up products or who live far away to support your cause and your community.

As with our  product fundraisers, you’ll get a custom website for your Community Basket fundraiser, our mobile app, winning templates for your parent letters, and marketing material. Support equitable access to healthy food, while raising money for your school or cause, book your Community Basket healthy fundraiser today.


5.  Strawberry Fundraising is the perfect late spring or early summer fundraiser

strawberries for healthy fundraising

The arrival of red ripe local strawberries, bursting with juicy flavor is the official herald of summer. Our organizers love strawberry fundraising because:

  • Local strawberries are far better tasting than the ones that have been trucked from Mexico over the winter
  • The season only lasts a few month and everyone is excited for to buy them, and make shortcake, jam, or just eat them straight out of the box.
  • Strawberries are the most popular berry in the United States – nearly everyone loves them.

Sell local strawberries and start your summer off the right way. Sign up for a free FarmRaiser account and raise money with the best local strawberries.

SimplyCircle customers and blog readers get a $50 bonus for their first FarmRaiser campaign, so sign up today and see how easy healthy fundraising can be!