As any Membership Committee chair can attest, managing and updating membership records can be a daunting task. It’s also not something that you can do just once, after the initial membership drive or when the Back to School registration is over. New membership applications continue to trickle in throughout the year, driven by several “waves” of membership drives and new families transferring to the school mid-year. For many PTAs, collecting membership dues also takes time, with different members paying their dues gradually. In addition, State and National PTA require local units to provide regular reports with their membership data. Here are 7 practical tips for keeping track of everything related to your PTA membership records.


1. Use a secure online service like SimplyCircle. Storing personal information about your members on your home computer is just not safe. It is always important to assure your members that their information is securely stored and will not be used for any other purposes.


2. Make sure to record each member’s contact information. Keeping a record of contact information allows you to keep your PTA members up to date with your group’s activities, volunteer opportunities, etc. SimplyCircle can record your members’ data as well as serve as a communication tool for your members.


3. Record the membership date. Keeping track of when someone joins your group will allow you to follow membership trends, reach out to previous members who have yet to renew and alert others to the new membership year.


4. Refer to previous membership year statistics to note overall trends. When the data are stored centrally, the current membership chair is able to track trends over several years to note increases or decreases in membership. This will allow the group to adjust their campaign accordingly.


5. Store your membership data in a central location. Using a site such as SimplyCircle will allow the data to be stored centrally from year to year so that records are always available to current officers and membership chairs.


6. Print your membership cards. If your group distributes yearly membership cards, SimplyCircle can also help you with printing the cards as well as recording when each member’s card was printed.


7. Keep an up-to-date list of members at all times. This list is an important part of voting, especially when critical or sensitive issues are at stake, or when there is a need to verify membership prior to a person being on the ballot for elections. With SimplyCircle, the current membership list is always a click away and is accessible to the group at any time.

Learn more about how you can use SimplyCircle to manage your PTA’s membership records, and try it for free today!

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