These 7 great apps can help you make your math lessons extra fun. Not only will it help you keep your students’ attention, but they will also remember the lesson much better. If your classroom has access to iPads, check them out (most of them are free!)

1xl_math_app1XL Math Practice (free) This app has a variety of content for grades K-12. Students of all ages can use this app for many things ranging from simply learning how to count to complex multi-step problems. Instead of drilling math problems in class, let your students take the reigns and explore this wonderful app.

mathmateer_appMathmateer (free) Mathmateer was featured as the editor’s choice award in Children’s Technology Review. This app has missions for users to complete that combine arithmetic with plain, simple fun! Each mission is different every time, so students won’t feel the repetition of practicing their math skills.

sushi_monster_app Sushi Monster (free) Children are instantly drawn to this app by its aesthetics and name. Use its game appeal to replace tough math lessons all while making them feel like they are only playing a game. Sushi monster has 12 carefully sequenced levels that strengthen basic math skills by helping the monsters reach the end.

questimate_appQuestimate! (free) The Questimate! app combines creativity and estimation skills to create an overall great tool for students. Users have the ability to create their own questions with the template provided, and use their estimation skills to guess the answer.

geoboard_appGeoBoard (free) Forget the hassle of digging around to find the old peg boards and rubber bands, and use GeoBoard to have students practice their shapes. This app helps students learn about the basics of geometry in the elementary and middle school levels.

math_doodles_appMath Doodles ($2.99) In 2012, Math Doodles was awarded the Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner from the Parents’ Choice Foundation. Math Doodles allows students to play, explore, and challenge their math skills. Although this app is paid, there are constant free updates that come with new challenges to complete.

native_numbers_appNative Numbers ($9.99) Native Numbers help students develop “number sense” that is widely cited as the most critical math skill for children. It’s rated as #2 on iTunes in the education category. This app was developed by a team of MIT engineers – you don’t want your students to miss out on this brilliance!

All of these recommendations come from the presenters at the SDE conference, including:

  • Lori Elliott, from Missouri (lorislatestlinks.com)
  • Laureen Reynolds, from Massachusetts (thebulletinboard.org)
  • Mary Amoson, from Georgia (sharingkindergarten.com)
  • Matt Gomez, from Texas (mattbgomez.com)

We hope you find these apps useful for your classroom! For other recommendations, visit our Apps page.