It’s that time of year again. New officers in your PTA have been elected and you have to plan the Installation Ceremony. Maybe you use the same theme every year. But maybe you could use some other ideas for this important event in your PTA. Below are 15 different sources with 82 great themes for Installation Ceremonies. Hope you are inspired to mix it up and try something new for this year!

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1. Torrance Council of PTAs (in the 33rd District of California PTA, Torrance, California) has quite an extensive list of 31 themed ideas ranging from a Baseball theme, Building Blocks and Candy Jar to Pizza, Rainbows and The Wizard of Oz. Each themed ceremony is hyperlinked to a PDF with all of the details.

2. The American Association of Medical Assistants lists 12 different themes for your installation ceremony. For each theme, they offer the corresponding item to be used for each office. The themes include a Color theme, Garden theme, Key theme and lighthouse them, to name a few. Also included is a suggested outline and script for the proceedings.

3. The California and Minnesota School Nutrition Associations each have several great themes for you to consider. All are easily adaptable to any PTA/PTO group.

4. From the International Association of Administrative Assistants, we have over 15 different ideas for a theme-based Installation Ceremony. These are all unique ideas and can be easily adapted to your PTA.

5. For a formal tone to your Installation Ceremony, check out this idea from Health Occupations Students of America. It is more ceremonial, but might be perfect for your PTA.

6. Going with a food theme, the Minnesota School Nutrition Association has two ceremonies: one called Apples and one called Kitchen.

7. The Monterey County 4-H club offers a couple of interesting ideas for ceremonies. Check out their cookie, cereal and M&M ideas.

8. Shelby County Council in Tennessee has a great idea called Gifts of Candy – for all of the sweet things that happen in a PTA.

9. Using a different flower theme, the Society of Decorative Painters has a great ceremony detailed out for your PTA to adapt.

10. Like a garden theme? The Sweet Adelines has one ready to go for you.

11. Texas Retired Teachers Association has something to offer you: their Installation Ceremony idea is based on a cereal.

12. Although their 7 ceremonies are geared specifically towards their own group, the Why We Love TOPS ideas can certainly be changed up to meet the needs of your PTA.

13. If you are still looking for another traditional idea of an installation ceremony, check out Wally Byam Caravan Club International.

14. The University of Florida IFAS Extension offers a nice candle ceremony for their 4-H Club. It would make a lovely PTA ceremony as well.

15. If you need an overall plan for your ceremony, Quota International, Inc. has a PDF of some great planning tips to help you get started. Along these lines, the National PTA also offers some tips for organizing this important event.

And now … drumroll please … here’s the full list of all 82 Installation Ceremony ideas, organized by theme, with links to the source!

  1. Airplane
  2. Apple
  3. Apprentice
  4. Baseball
  5. Basic PTA
  6. Basic PTA
  7. Beanie Babies
  8. Board Game
  9. Bouquet
  10. Bread
  11. Breakfast Cereal
  12. Building Blocks
  13. Butterfly
  14. Candle Ceremony
  15. Candle Ceremony
  16. Candy
  17. Candy
  18. Candy Bar
  19. Cereal
  20. Chef
  21. Chocolate
  22. Clock
  23. Coins of the Future
  24. Color
  25. Colored Candle
  26. Construction
  27. Cookie
  28. Cooking
  29. Cooking
  30. Field of Bamboo
  31. Fitting the Pieces Together Puzzle
  32. Flowers
  33. Flowers
  34. Flowers
  35. Football
  36. Formal
  37. Fruit
  38. Garden
  39. Garden
  40. Garden Party
  41. Gifts of Candy
  42. Give a Hoot
  43. Glass Candy Jar
  44. Goody Bag
  45. Hand in Hand
  46. Insect
  47. Keys to Success
  48. Kitchen
  49. Kitchen
  50. Lighthouse
  51. Lunch Bag
  52. M&M
  53. Mardi Gras
  54. Merchants of Light
  55. Mirror
  56. Monopoly Game
  57. Movie
  58. Orchestrate Success
  59. Peace, Love, PTA
  60. Pens
  61. Pizza
  62. Plants
  63. Potpourri
  64. Pots and Pans
  65. PTA Island
  66. Puzzle Pieces
  67. Quilting Bee
  68. Rainbow
  69. Restaurant
  70. Salad
  71. Sea Creature
  72. Soar with Tops
  73. Spices
  74. Sports Team
  75. Stars
  76. Super Heros
  77. Symphony in Harmony
  78. Tops Garden
  79. Toy
  80. Traditional/Formal
  81. Transferring the Torch
  82. Wizard of Oz

We hope you have a fabulous and memorable Installation Ceremony this year!

Exclusive Bonus: Download our FREE guide on “How to Grow Your PTA in 3 Easy Steps”. Learn from your fellow PTA and PTO leaders who have been very successful at growing their PTA membership!

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