Qlubb closure

Hello Qlubb users,

Yes, it’s true – Qlubb has finally closed its doors.  It was originally scheduled to close last October, but that date was extended until February 6.  And now Qlubb has been closed for good.

We made every effort to contact Qlubb customers by emailing all the Qlubb customer email addresses we had on file.  We sent a total four emails to Qlubb administrators announcing the change and giving instructions on how to transition.  Unfortunately many of these emails bounced, perhaps due to customers not keeping their active email addresses on file with Qlubb.

If you were not aware that Qlubb was closing, and you are interested in trying to retrieve your materials, please email us at support@simplycircle.com with the name of your Qlubb, and we will see what we can do.


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