Here are a few resources to help you get started on SimplyCircle.

Any other ideas for any other resources that would help you get going quickly? We’d love to hear them.

Getting started guide

Just signed up for SimplyCircle and need help getting going? We’ve put together this guide to help you get started easily:

Pricing and plans

Are you wondering which pricing plan is right for you? Here’s a handy guide that can help you decide:

Popular features

Have questions about some of our most popular features? Here are some detailed blog posts about them:

Circle invitation flyers

We give you lots of options to invite members to your circle. Watch this video to learn how more about inviting members.

Want to invite group members to your circle, but don’t know everybody’s email addresses? No problem! Share the invite code with your group members via a flyer. Here is a handy template that you can print and distribute – just add your circle name and invite code.

How SimplyCircle compares to alternatives

We are often asked about how SimplyCircle is different from other ways you could communicate with your group. The best way to decide is to try it for yourself, but here’s our perspective on how we are compare to other options:

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