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"SimplyCircle helps improve parent engagement by keeping our school community well-informed, and by keeping parents engaged and connected with other families."

Jenay Enna
Principal, Sakamoto Elementary

"Our parents love SimplyCircle and reading the daily announcements and photos of the children’s activities. Our teachers find it simple to communicate with parents."

Adela Alvarado
Director, Children's Learning Cottage

Increase Family Engagement in Your School or District

  • We offer affordable school-wide licenses for your entire school
  • Unlimited use for every classroom, grade, PTA committee, etc.
  • Parents love seeing everything about their kids in one place
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  Communicate easily with parents

With SimplyCircle’s school-wide license, it’s easy to send out announcements to your entire school – or to a specific classroom.

You can create your post right in SimplyCircle, or attach a PDF newsletter you’ve created in another application.

All documents will be stored securely in your private circle, and accessible to parents instantly on their laptops or mobile phones. Parents also receive email notifications about new content that you’re posting, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

  Improve parent engagement

By keeping all your school’s parents informed about school-wide activities and progress, you can help increase their level of engagement in their child’s education. Family engagement has long been proven to improve student performance.

Plus, if your teachers are already using SimplyCircle for classroom communication with parents, you can benefit from communicating through an engaging platform parents are using already.

  Increase parent attendance at school functions

For school-wide events like Back to School Night or an Open House, you can easily send out event invitations through SimplyCircle that parents can add to their calendars with the click of a button.

For class-specific events like a classroom party, just post it to the class circle.

Parents will get an automatic reminder the morning of the event. Imagine how much easier it will be to organize events like field trips, school fundraisers or open houses when all the reminding is done for you!

  Communicate with all parents at your school

You can start communicating with parents in seconds, as soon as you add their email addresses to your circle.

Just cut and paste the email addresses of parents in your school, or upload a CSV file. These email addresses will be hidden from everyone except you and any administrators you designate.

On a school-wide license, you can create as many circles and invite as many people as you’d like.

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