In this post, I will list 5 great science apps can help you make a complex science lesson more memorable and enjoyable. If you and your students have access to iPads, try out these 5 apps – most of them are free!


Science360 for iPad (free) This app was created by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Its features include high resolution images to browse through, engaging videos on many different topics, and an ongoing news feed updated by the NSF, scientists, colleges/universities, and engineers.


VideoScience (free) VideoScience is an opportunity for teachers to take a step back and allow students to learn 80-hands on science lessons from prerecorded videos. The videos are short and are guaranteed to keep kids of all ages engaged and excited to learn science.


BrainPOP Featured Movie (free) One of this app’s top features is its science curriculum. There are movies, quizzes, and other features that are added daily which allows for one student to use it multiple times.


DIY Sun Science (free) Funded by NASA, this app provides all you need to know about the Sun. With this app, students can engage in hands-on activities, view live images from the Sun Observatory, and watch/view pictures and videos of the Sun from space.


AR Flashcards Space ($2.99) This app provides an interesting 3D experience for students. It allows teachers to print out 10 flash cards that turn flat 2D images into 3D images on the iPad. This could provide you an engaging way to teach your students about the solar system.

These recommendations come from the presenters at the SDE conference, including:

  • Lori Elliott, from Missouri @drlorielliott)
  • Matt Gomez, from Texas (@mattBgomez)

We hope you find these apps useful for your science lesson! For other educational apps recommendations, check out our Apps page.