Hello readers! I’m Elena, the founder of SimplyCircle and mom of two super-energetic boys. (Is there such a thing as mellow boys? I’d love to meet them!) One of the rare moments when my sons stop their near-perpetual motion is when they are drawing or painting. Thankfully, both of them love art!

When they do art at home, I get to see and enjoy it (not to mention proudly display it!) But when they do art at school, it’s a different story. Paper of any kind rarely makes it home – and when it does, it transforms into a paper airplane within seconds. So the only times that I get to enjoy my kids’ art from school is when the teacher uses SimplyCircle to share it.

SimplyCircle is a teacher-parent communication platform. Here’s how it works:

  1. You create a private circle for your class in just minutes on SimplyCircle
  2. You invite parents to your circle
  3. You share photos, updates, calendar, volunteer signups, private messages and anything else you want with parents – it’s that easy!

So when my son’s teacher shares the owl-coloring pictures from their class, I see this:

Mrs.Ramirez Class

Unlike many other platforms, SimplyCircle does not compress photos. So I can view and download my son’s picture it in its full, high-resolution glory, which is great for printing:

Owl drawing

Teachers can share all kinds of photos with the parents – not just artwork, but also pictures from field trips, classroom parties, and other class activities. SimplyCircle’s free iOS and Android apps make it super-easy to both share and view pictures on the go:

Field trip photos

What about privacy? As a privacy-obsessed Mom, I made sure that everything shared on SimplyCircle stays private and secure. Photos are only shared with members of your circle – nobody from the outside can see them.

As a teacher, you have complete visibility and control over who is in your circle. And, you can always edit or delete any content that was shared with your circle. So for example, if somebody accidentally posts a photo of a child whose parent did not sign a media sharing permission form, you can remove that photo (and gently remind the person of the sharing rules).

Speaking of media-sharing permission forms: you can create a task on SimplyCircle (a task is just a request to your students’ parents to do something) called “Please sign media sharing permission form”, assign a deadline, and attach the form to your task. This will avoid the “I never got the form” complaints from parents like me – whose children don’t bring paper home 🙂

How long do the pictures stay on SimplyCircle? Forever!! All the photos remain on the platform for as long as you want. Think of it as a permanent, private and secure archive of photos and documents for your classroom. And for the parents, it’s an archive of everything related to their kids! And because all images are stored at full resolution, they can be printed or combined into a school yearbook at the end of the year.

Photo gallery

So go ahead and share your students’ artwork and photos with parents in your classroom! There’s nothing that we parents love more than to see what our kids are up to, and to feel closer to them. You’ll get more engaged parents as a result – and get more help from them in your classroom!

And don’t forget that SimplyCircle isn’t just great for photo sharing. Use it to set up events (all reminding is done “automagically” for you!), ask for volunteers, send group updates or exchange private messages. It takes just a few minutes to create your classroom circle.

Happy sharing!