Many of you told us that you were managing a larger group like a school or a large PTA/PTO than we could previously support. We heard you! Now our Pro Gold tier allows you to have twice as many people (up to 2,000) as before.

There’s nothing extra you need to do to take advantage of this change. It’s applied automatically to all circles, new and existing, that are on the Pro Gold plan.

Besides letting you have up to 2,000 members and an unlimited number of circle managers, Pro Gold allows you to:

  • Create online signups for school fundraisers, potluck dinners, and any other occasion
  • Request event RSVPs
  • Make your circle interactive, which allows circle members to comment on your post, send private messages to you and to each other, and post to the circle
  • Reach “guest users” – i.e., people whom you invited to join your circle but who haven’t yet accepted your invitation
  • Download member list and obtained a list of bounced (i.e., invalid) emails
  • Format PTA membership cards for printing in compliance with the National PTA standards

There are many ways to invite members to your circle:

  • Copy and paste their email addresses
  • Import contacts from Yahoo or Google
  • Upload a CSV file
  • Let people join on their own by providing them with a private circle invitation code (which you can share in person, via a flyer, on Facebook or any other method of your choosing)



If you’re already on SimplyCircle, you can upgrade to Pro Gold by going to Manager Tools -> Billing. Just follow the prompts to start your free 30-day trial.

If you’re new to SimplyCircle and want to try it out for free, click to Sign up and you will automatically be put on a Pro Gold trial for free for 30 days.