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From a young age, people need to learn how to communicate with each other, so that they can find happiness by being part of society. That is why parents need to teach their kids how to build connections with other people.

Although being a parent is a stressful job, the best way to raise happy kids is to be a happy, fulfilled person yourself. We can all achieve happiness and give it back to our children by using the easiest of methods – finding good, reliable, loyal friends.

We all know that networking and staying connected with other people is very important in order to build a successful career, but did you know that socialization can also provide a number of benefits to your physical and mental health? Interacting with others can lower risk of brain diseases and boost feelings of well-being. According to researchers, we all need about 6 hours of socializing to have a good and fulfilled day. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, social connection is the best way to achieve happiness in life. In fact, it is a key ingredient on your path to happiness.

As we have already mentioned, social relationships are highly important for human well-being, and a recent study conducted in Germany has proved it. In this study, respondents had to write down the ideas of how they can improve their lives. After one year, they had to report on their life satisfaction and answer a couple of questions. Eventually, those who wrote down social ideas and activities ended up being happier than those who were focused on individual things.

In surveys, respondents also had to answer the question ‘All things considered, how satisfied are you with your life?’ Some of them just made general statements like ‘everything is fine’ or ‘there is nothing much to change’. Answering the question on how they can improve their lives, some of them wrote down that they would quit smoking, or find a better job, while others mentioned that they would find more time for their kids, or volunteer to help disabled people.

So, the study has proved that those individuals who focus on socially engaged strategies in order to improve their life satisfaction can experience more effective changes on the way to become happy, then those who focus on nonsocial strategies. Analyzing it, we can say that seeing your friends and family more or walking through the neighborhood and stopping by to say hello to people you meet, can make you way happier.

There is an interesting book by the American political scientist Robert Putnam, “Bowling Alone”. It describes some big changes in Americans’ behavior, how they are becoming more and more disconnected from each other. Several decades ago, Americans were participating in different clubs, going together to churches, having garden parties, or volunteering. But everything has changed since then, and participation in community life has declined. Robert Putman makes a point in his book that such a decline is a big problem as those people who are still hosting dinner parties and play cards with their neighbors are more likely to have friends and be happy.

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Another famous researcher William Fleeson has been observing a group of people for two weeks. He has been tracking and recording their actions and feelings during that time. This research showed that those individuals who were active and talkative were more likely to feel joy and happiness.

William Fleeson is also answering the question if introverts should push themselves to socialize and attend parties even when they would rather read a book at home. What should they do if they are scared of socialization? He suggests them to spend time with people whose company is comfortable for them so they wouldn’t feel anxious. They can also have meaningful conversations such as a pleasant chit-chat in the bookstore. After all, all the people are way happier when they are with other people than when they are alone.

For students, social interactions are essential, but sometimes they just cannot find time to meet with friends because of the amount of homework. By using  custom essay service, they can free up some time to meet with friends and not be stuck all day behind the desk doing homework.

People live their entire lives as a part of society and enjoying close ties with others can make them happy and increase their overall life satisfaction. Being socially active is something that all of us should do. So, if you are convinced of the benefits of socializing, but still looking for the ways to build social relationships, then here are some ways:

  • Use social media to catch up with your friends and stay in touch with them from a distance.
  • Say hello to your neighbors while walking a dog around your neighborhood.
  • Do volunteering – even doing something small for another person can increase your happiness level.
  • Visit an exhibition or museum with your friends and talk about what you have seen.
  • Do homework together with your group mates.
  • Participate in a community group.
  • Have your friend for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and talk about anything that is happening in your life.
  • Play board games with your friends in a café or at home.
  • Visit a concert or music fest and dance with random people.
  • Attend services at a church or sign up for a choir.
  • Play football, bowling or any other group sport.
  • Go on a trip and meet new people.
  • Exercise together with your friends – go for a run, walk, or to the gym.
  • Sign up for a class and challenge yourself.
  • Go to a city you know nothing about and ask the locals to help.

It is our nature, and we can’t live our lives without interactions. Otherwise, we would go insane. Just imagine what would happen if you had to be alone for a long time without anyone to talk with. You would be just depressed and exhausted from the loneliness. All you would be dreaming about is simply to be able to call your friends and ask them out for dinner.

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Ultimately, other people play a crucial role in our lives, and socialization has some powerful effects on our health. Individuals who are having an active social life can even live longer than those individuals that are more isolated. Engaging with others can decrease feelings of depression and improve your memory and cognitive skills. But the most important thing is that interacting with other people provides happiness and joy.

Meeting with your family and friends, going for a picnic with your colleagues or making a barbecue with your neighbors – these are some of the simplest ways of socializing. It is never too late to start socializing more, and we can assure you that once you try it, you will understand the crucial difference that it makes. So, take a phone, give that old friend of yours a call, go for a walk and have a nice talk together.

About the author: Nicole Lewis is a top content writer at She has been writing articles on philosophy and religion for the last 6 years, and loves researching the newest ideas. She likes to help people find the best solutions to improve their lives.