take care of your parents

Guest blog post by Olesia Chikunova, Founder, Home WiP Inc.

When your family meets at the Thanksgiving table, do you notice your parents getting older? I do. And as I work in the remodeling industry some zillion miles away from my very active 72-year-old mother and an even more active 81-year-old mother-in-law, I keep thinking if I am prepared.

Should I add that both are living in the countryside in the middle of nowhere in two-story houses? One does not even have a handrail at a steep seven-step porch. My case is nothing special.

The houses of more than 50% of senior loved ones lack basic safety features. I want to change it with a bathroom design solution that addresses five key signs of aging.

90% of people want to live in their homes as they get older.

Less than 5% of housing units are age friendly. 19% of the U.S. population have a disability, typically involving mobility restrictions. This is an enormous gap.

A disability often starts with a visit to an ER at an average cost of $4,500, followed by an emergency home remodel. In a lot of cases, home accidents that lead to all this, could have been prevented with a few thought-through home design solutions.

Worried your Mom or Dad will slip in the shower?

Have you talked to your parents about adding grab bars? Do they recognize that the habits they had in their fifties aren’t working as well when they are seventy or ninety?

Let me help you with some arguments:

When you reach the age of 65, there is a 40% chance you might be facing a disability… and then there is a good chance you will live with it till you are at least 95. Here is a question:

Would YOU want to spend 30 years of your life in an assisted living facility or in your own home? Which option is more affordable, all in?

Do you want to be proactive about staying healthy? You already do it with exercises and anti-age creams, don’t you? In the long run, do you want to keep your independence for longer?

It is always smart to take pre-emptive measures.

Let us talk anti-age design – design that is really about your independence.

I thoroughly dislike seeing age-friendly products look as if they have just come out of the hospital. I advocate home designs that are age-friendly but also stylish to the point that no one would know it was done with universal design in mind. Universal because it works both for your Great Aunt and for your grandson.

We are working on an Anti-age bathroom design solution to address five key challenges of aging:

  • agility (climbing out of that tub),
  • eyesight,
  • hearing,
  • strength & range of motion (lifting, reaching, bending),
  • sense of touch and dexterity (turning knobs).

We can add custom features to address specific mobility and neurology challenges.

Is remodel on your New Year resolutions list yet?

Does your parent need increased care?

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