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Farewell post by Elena Krasnoperova, SimplyCircle founder

SimplyCircle was recently acquired by Konstella, a leading parent engagement platform. As the founder of SimplyCircle, I want to thank you for using our service, and explain what the acquisition means for you.

As you probably saw in a recent press release, SimplyCircle was recently acquired by Konstella. The two companies were both started at the same time, in the San Francisco Bay Area, by parent leaders who were active at their kids’ respective schools. We both recognized the need for a better way to organize parent groups and get parents more engaged in their kids’ education.

The two platforms offer similar functionality and serve similar audiences. It made a lot of sense to consolidate them under one roof. As the founder of SimplyCircle, I’m confident that Konstella is the right “home” for SimplyCircle customers. Konstella is a recognized leader in this space, and it offers both sophisticated functionality and exceptional customer service.

Konstella will continue operating the SimplyCircle platform as-is until the end of the 2019-20 school year (June 30, 2020). After that, they will make a decision whether to keep the SimplyCircle platform or help SimplyCircle users to migrate to Konstella for the following school year. You will receive communications about future plans for the platform in the Spring of 2020.

I want to thank you, our customers, for using our service. It’s been a privilege and an honor to serve you and to help you increase parent engagement at your schools. I wish you all the best!

Elena Krasnoperova

Founder, SimplyCircle


About Konstella
Konstella is a communication and fundraising platform that helps parent organizations to build close-knit parent communities.  It has a Slack-like interface but offers tools and features specially designed for parents and parent organizations.

Konstella Inc. started in the Silicon Valley and has grown organically and rapidly in recent years.  Just in the San Francisco Bay Area, it serves over a hundred and fifty schools.  In 2017,  it started to grow beyond the Bay Area and now runs the platform for school communities in 42 states.

About SimplyCircle

SimplyCircle is an online hub for parents, schools, and clubs, that lets users manage daily communication in one convenient portal. SimplyCircle organizes parents’ lives with private groups or “circles” where people can share tasks, plan and schedule events, manage volunteer signups, send messages, and share documents and photos without having to visit different websites or use different apps. With SimplyCircle, parents get communication the way they want it, so they stay in the loop and in control.