A unique theme can take your PTA membership drive to a whole new level. Here are 5 really inventive ideas we have found to make your next membership drive a success. Happy growing!

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1. Cross Country Race: Find a “sister” PTA/PTO in another state. Have a competition between the two groups to see which one can reach the other’s city first. Each membership gives the group 10 miles. Students can also get involved – let them map out the progress and learn a bit of geography along the way.

2. Gumball Contest: Each classroom gets a “gumball” machine (actually made out of construction paper and mounted to the classroom door). Now the race is on to see which classroom can fill up the machine first. A classroom gets one gumball for every membership. Teachers, moms, dads, grandparents, businesses all count!

3. Principal Challenge: The PTA/PTO sets the membership goal. If it is met, then the Principal promises to do something crazy like: be duct taped to a wall, dye their hair hot pink, kiss a pig, jump into a tub of Jell-O, dress as a super hero, let the kids out of school an hour early, sit in a dunking booth, etc. You and your Principal can use their imagination!

4. PTA is GREAT! When a new member joins, ask him or her to complete the sentence, “PTA is great because …” Mount the responses in the main hallway at a level where the kids can see them. Finding their own parents’ responses is fun!

5. Using the child’s nursery rhyme, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, create graphics and post in a prominent place in the school. The goal is to help the spider climb up the waterspout through memberships. You could even assign a certain colored spider to each classroom to set classroom-specific goals.

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