Surprise your child’s teacher on Valentine’s Day with a group gift like a poster, or with a collection of individual contributions from students. Check out these fabulous ideas!

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Pencil Flower Pot

Teachers always need pencils, so you can’t go wrong with that. The question is how to make it special or unexpected. Well, we came across this great idea of creating a pencil flower pot. Very original and cute!


Gift Card

From Dinner & a Movie to Bath & Body Works, from Michael’s to iTunes, the best thing about gift cards is that you can actually get exactly what you wanted. Gift cards are also a great showcase of how small pieces can build up a mountain.

Wrap the group gift card with some funny fillers like a notebook and a package of pencils for Barnes & Noble gift card or a few hangers, a stain pen and some faux accessories for the Gap one.


Hand Heart Picture

Even though this project might take more planning, it is worth it. It shows the special connection between these students and their teacher. Their hands will grow, they will move on with their lives, but the moment in life when they all learned together will stay captured forever.


Teacher Survival Kit

Another great group gift from students to the teacher. You know if your teacher is always in search of a pen, if she likes to give away lots of stickers, or if she has a favorite candy. Do a little planning, and put together a crate. Then just wait for the students to tell you tales about that huge smile on their teacher’s face!



Mason Jar Kit

When putting together a gift for a teacher, think whether it’s useful, relevant and pretty. Fill up a mason jar or a coffee/tea mug with things like Chapstick, travel size Advil, white-board markers, post-it notes, gums or mints, etc. Decorate the whole thing with a pretty ribbon and voila!


Do Small Things With Great Love

This picture frame collection of individual cards made by children is yet another great way to showcase how small pieces add up to something much bigger and more powerful. Wonderful yet so simple!


Wordplay Signs

Use cute word spellings to make witty expressions of love from the students to the teacher. Here’s an example of a group gift to a teacher on Valentine’s Day. How owl-fully cute!


Group Poster

Instead of giving your child’s teacher a sugar rush, keep the candy for yourself and use the wrappers to produce a funny poster with clever sayings.

Students can either come up with a story to which everyone contributes one sentence with a phrase from a candy wrapper, or they can write their individual messages.


Cookies In A Jar

Another evergreen idea and always a good gift. Make recipe with a twist like adding mint extract to regular chocolate chip cookies, for an extra delight! If tired of cookie mixes, make a potpourri!


All Star Poster

And finally, make your teacher feel like a star on Valentine’s Day!

Exclusive Bonus: Download our FREE Valentine’s Day Planning Guide to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration for your classroom or family.

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