SimplyCircle blog post about WeParent Co-parenting app

Parenting is hard, even when both parents are living under the same roof. But for millions of Americans, it’s extra hard because they are raising their kids with a person that they don’t live with and are not married to. Simple questions like “where’s that school report card?” are all of a sudden difficult to answer: the school may send the report card to just the “primary” parent (often, a Mom), leaving the other parent out of the loop.

A new app,, helps divorced and separated parents have a more harmonious co-parenting relationship. The WeParent iPhone app was recently featured by Apple as “App of the Day“. And WeParent just launched their Android app on Google Play.

Here’s how the app works:

  • One of the co-parents downloads the app and signs up
  • He/she then invites the other parent to the app
  • Both co-parents then use the app to manage their child custody schedules, exchange messages, and share notes, contacts, documents, photos and expenses
  • Parents can invite other family members to use the app as well, for free

The app is free to download and free to try for 14 days.

After that, it’s just $2.99 / month for unlimited family members in both co-parents’ households. That includes the co-parents, their new spouses or partners, grandparents, nannies, and anybody else who needs to be in the loop.

The pricing is low and all-inclusive. This makes it affordable to every family and encourages everyone in the family to be informed.

WeParent lets co-parents share both the kids’ custody schedules, and their everyday activities – school events, after-school activities, birthday parties, doctors appointments, and summer camps.

On the Monthly calendar, the custody schedules are represented by different-colored lines for each parent, and the events are represented by dots (a different-colored dot for each child). This gives parents an at-a-glance view at everything that is happening that month:

May Calendar on WeParent

Parents create custody schedules, selecting from a list of schedule templates or creating a custom schedule if none of the patterns matches their agreed-upon custody agreement. They can create regular schedules for the school year, seasonal schedules for summer and winter breaks, holiday, travel and vacation schedules. And when “life happens”, they can create one-off schedules for emergencies or special occasions.

WeParent custody schedule types
WeParent custody schedules list

But WeParent is not just for calendars and scheduling. One of the most popular features of WeParent is messaging. Parents can exchange messages through the app, and the record of these communications is stored permanently, privately and securely – and can be used in court if needed.

Another popular feature of WeParent is the library of all the different “artifacts” of parenting life: notes, contacts, documents, photos and expenses. It is easy to import and upload them from the respective apps on the phone, and they are searchable and easily accessible to all family members.

WeParent photo library
WeParent contacts library

If you are co-parenting your child, we highly recommend WeParent. Download the iOS app or the Android app today.